We decided to head out on the 10th of January on Bocinegro JR to have a look around……Low and behold we found the Bluefin! We released a 600lber and a 400lber both on our new Ian Miller Shimano 80 class rod. Back on the dock in time for lunch…

temp 3

We are still currently working on the new Bocinegro, which is taking up most of our time but we did manage to get out again the 4th of February on one of our other boats called “Freespool” and released a nice fish of about 550lb.

temp 2


Once again we decided to head out on a Sunday morning (11th Feb) and get our hit of a fish ! We found the Tuna straight away and released a BFT of around 350lb. Back home in time for football and Sunday roast ! Not a bad Sunday !